Truth Under Attack

Truth is under attack in our culture. “Christians” are believing ideas, concepts, values, or supposed facts that are true only because their ideologies demand it – NOT because it is written in the Word of God. Our ministry often hears one of the most popular cliches in our culture today, “That may be true for you, but it is not necessarily true for me.” Gone are the days when right and wrong were black and white. Today’s morality is painted in shades of gray to match the faces of morbid belief.

Our ministry is wanting to “make a difference” in this seemingly self driven post-Christian society. Much of what has become readily accepted in the church is not only unbiblical, but in many instances, is utterly illogical and insultive to God. We here at IOM America want to be like Peter and John, who were marginalized for their reliance upon unorthodox proclimations of real Truth backed by real Scriptures. They refused to commit intellectual/spiritual suicide or attempt to turn the Living God into a “historical revisionist” or a genderless god who subjects himself, excuse me, itself to human reason. Unfortunately, however, in todays post-modern world, the similarities tend to cease. Peter and John challenged their culture; where as most of the “Christians” today conform to the “newest ideas” from the latest new age leader. They (Peter and John) embraced the sovereignty of God in the midst of their persecution; today – we question the sovereignty of God as if we have more answers than God the Father. Dear God, what has happen to us?

The key to understanding and helping those who get trapped in this lie is to understand the assumptions they live by – which serves as the foundation of most “Chritian” leaders today. Most of our culture has been conditioned to sift all Christian discussions through the colander of religious relativism, tolerance, and illogical pluralism. These ideas ultimately lead the “follower” to think that statements like; All religions are equal, and we all worship the same god, are doctrines straight from the Bible. In the case, I wonder exactly what self deluded bible are they reading.

We assert that all these lies are destroying the church, family life and the Hebrew culture of God. Our ministry believes we are called to tell the Truth – the kind that every Scripture in the Bible will support, back and empower as absolutes. We need your prayers that we who know the True God do not use our position as a license to be arrogant, rude, or obnoxious. On the contrary, pray that it gives us an obligation to speak the Truth in absolutes, generosity of faith and the perfection of real love – God’s Love.

Certainly something to think about - Dr. Phinney