New Dollar Coins

By Dr. Phinney

The odds are, you have received this e-mail boycotting the new dollar coin.  It goes something like this:

Please help do this.. Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you. I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead. The lady just smiled and said 'way to go' , so she had read this e -mail. Please help out..our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!

U.S. Government to Release New Dollar Coins

You guessed it ‘IN GOD WE TRUST' IS GONE!!!
If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!!
Together we can force them out of circulation.

Please send to all on your mailing list!!!

For whatever it is worth, I am glad the “In God We Trust” is off what belongs to Cesar. This country has never been “Christian” and we are now beginning to face that reality. I am always shocked at the “shock” of true Christians coming to this truth. Render to Cesar what is Cesar and we Christians, true Christians, need to move on into our own reality – we are only missionaries in a forgein land! The truth behind the imprinting of “In God We Trust” was placed on our currency by Mason’s of the Enlightenment movement - to be exact, Salmon P. Chase, an Alpha Delta Phi Free Mason.

I am so glad that God is finially “separating the goats from the sheep.” This country has lied to it’s people long enough. Someday, the “Christians” will stop being shocked by the truth that is burried within the walls of America’s “Christian Leaders.”

I will never entrust my life to any “god” of any country. I will only serve the God of the Great I AM – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. No country can claim the rights of our God – only His people. For a country to claim Him as their God, then call themselves a “Christ Serving Nation – Christian Nation” – well that is a claim that will gain the attention of a jealous God, plus it sets that country up to be an idol before the living God. God is about to show the world, particularly those nations who claim Him, what this really means.

Well – that is my soapbox for today. Be blessed and avoid the tricks of half-baked truths that arrive in sheeps clothing!