Social Justice and an Earthly Kingdom

By Brnnon Howse

On my radio program on 8-30 and 31, 2010, I predicted that Rev. Jim Wallis and Glenn Beck could actually find common ground because they share many of the same philosophies whether they knew it or not. However, I never expected that Wallis would release an open letter to Glenn Beck in less than a week that would acknowledge how close these two really are in their worldviews.

I told my radio audience that the thesis and antithesis of the Hegelian Dialectic Process had been set up between Beck and Wallis and all we need is for the two to synthesis their two worldviews together through the shared ideas of paganism, humanism and good-works, among other ideas, and then a new thesis would be created. I never thought it would only take five days for Wallis to admit how much he and Beck agree and to request that a dialogue begin.

Even if Beck and Wallis do not get together for a formal meeting, the bridge that is possible has been acknowledged and many will jump on this idea in their own minds because of their hunger for unity. This also confirms my prediction that in the coming days this merger will occur whether with or without Beck and Wallis.

Here is part of what Wallis said in his open letter to Beck:

I think we got off on the wrong foot. I listened to your speech last Saturday and heard a lot of things that we agree on. In fact, I have used some of the same language of our need to turn to God, and the values of "faith, hope, and charity" (love). What I would like to find out, and others would too, is what you mean by that language. Until last weekend, you have consistently described yourself primarily as an entertainer, and the public has known you as a talk show host. But last Saturday, you sounded more like an evangelist or revivalist on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I know we disagree significantly on many issues of public policy, but you said that people can disagree on politics and still agree on basic values and try to come together. Maybe we should test that. Instead of my being up on your blackboard and a regular target of your show's rhetoric, why don't we finally have that civil dialogue I invited you to months ago? Your speech on the Mall suggested and even promised a change of heart on your part, so why don't we talk? Here are a few things I think we could talk about.

First, I've been askedby people in the media if it matters that you are a Mormon.  I unequivocally answer, no, it does not. We don't want more anti-Mormon bigotry any more than we want the anti-Muslim bigotry now rising up across the country. By the way, you should speak to that (against it). On Saturday you talked about the fact that our nation has some scars in our past. I think one of those scars is the historical persecution and bigotry that many Mormons have faced, as well as Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. But, as you said, instead of dwelling on the bad things of the past, we need to learn from them and look to the future. The best way to do that is to make sure we all stand for religious liberty and tolerance, and are careful not to denigrate anybody else's faith tradition, experience, or language. If you are ever in need of an evangelical Christian to speak out against anti-Mormon sentiment directed at you or others, I am here to help.
 by people in the media if it matters that you are a Mormon

And let's talk about salvation. You have emphasized that you believe strongly in personal salvation, as opposed to "collective salvation." As an evangelical Christian, I also believe deeply in personal salvation-it is the foundation of my faith. But we need to ask ourselves, what are we saved for? Is salvation just about getting a pass into heaven? Is it just for us? Or is it also for the world, and being a part of God's work and purposes in the world today?

Before, I thought you were just another cable news talk show host. But now, you are using the language of a spiritual and even a religious leader. You acted as though you now want people to look to you for that kind of spiritual leadership…

Don't tell me that a one-world religion and a one-world government under a one-world leader are not possible and that many "conservatives" and "religious" leaders and pastors will not go along. The Bible predicted these things would happen and we are now watching the pieces fall into place. It may be months, it may be years, but the pieces are falling into place.

I wrote an article on Saturday, 8-28-10 after watching Glenn Beck's "spiritual" revival on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The article was titled: "Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis Are Both Pushing Social Justice and an Earthly Kingdom". In that article I wrote:

These next few statements will be shocking to some and many will not have the Biblical knowledge and discernment to accept the truth of what I am about to present. Social justice is a man-centered attempt to create heaven on earth.

"Reverend" Jim Wallis is pushing a liberal, leftist, man- centered, Godless, good works, social justice and Beck is pushing a conservative, right-wing, Godless, man-centered, good works, social justice. Both Wallis and Beck want a revolution in America and they both are basing their revolution on humanistic thinking. One is coming from the left and one is coming from the right. Both Wallis and Beck are both pushing for an earthly kingdom based on humanism and paganism mixed with their individual versions of social justice. I believe that Wallis and Beck both reject the God of the Bible and the salvation that is only found through the Jesus Christ of the Bible. In the end Beck and Wallis are on the same team as Jesus Christ Himself declared in John 8:42-47.

Eventually a world leader will appear that will acknowledge that the Becks and Wallis of the right and left are really not that far apart. In an article I released on August 30, 210 I wrote:

Perhaps sooner, rather than latter, the world will be in massive economic, political, and spiritual chaos and a leader will step on to the world stage and this anti-Christ will call for the religions of the world to unite and embrace spirituality. He will declare that he is not about politics but about bringing peace, unity, faith, hope, charity, stability, freedom, and prosperity under the common god of all religions. This world leader will perform counterfeit miracles signs and wonders and those who reject Biblical truth will follow him [2 Thessalonians 2:9-12] and embrace his plan for restoring honor.

Please understand, I am not a prophet, nor am I boasting because my predictions are now becoming real possibilities. I can only boast in the Cross of Jesus Christ [Galatians 6:14] and every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above [James 1:17].

I have prayed for months that the Lord would give me wisdom and knowledge to understand the times as I study His Word. I pray for this because I want to know what God would have me to do and how to respond as did the Tribe of Issachar in I Chronicles 12:32. Several years ago, God placed it on my heart to prepare and warn the true members of the Bride of Christ about the unholy alliances that are being created so they are not deceived and do not take part.

As Christians, we are commanded to expose that which is contrary to the Word of God; [2 Corinthians 10:5], including false teachers and prophets.

Calling out of false teachers is preformed many times in the scriptures. In Romans 16:17-18--Paul writes, "I beseech you, brethren, mark them who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ but their own body, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the innocent."

My goal is for you to read this article and join me in studying your Bible, praying for knowledge, and wisdom, and then join me up on the wall as watchmen that are seeking to warn and protect God's people from the spiritual deception that is coming from "conservative" talk show hosts, false teachers and even "Christian" leaders.