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Living Life Discipleship Manual:


This 173 page Discipleship Training Manual is designed to provide the lay-counselor/discipler with teaching materials to assist others in understanding the life-changing truths of the Exchanged Life.  By making use of pictures, diagrams and text, the Living Life Manual provides a near perfect tool to integrate the Word of God into simple and easy to use ministry tools.

The LLDM is also intended as a tool for the use in applying Biblical Truth to one’s individual life, quite independently of a discipleship or ministry process to others.  Otherwise, it is a great resource for personal Bible studies.  This material is laid out in such a way that it can be used as a small group teaching and discussion guide.

The pictures and diagrams are graphic expressions of scriptural truths.  They illustrate in some instances how mankind got into his present state in regard to a given area of life; they picture in other cases what God has done and is doing on our behalf; they show the progressive steps Christians must take to be obedient to the Father’s living life guides.  In other instances, they convey practical truth by depicting definitions of such terms as faith, obedience, love repentance, forgiveness and other related spiritual points of deliverance.

It is now available in E-View format: That means you can use your smart phone, tablet or computer to share these powerful diagrams - the very method Dr. Phinney uses.  Just click on the above "Expand."      Download Now

This book will directly benefit those who care about the world of finances: personally, professionally, and politically. In my studies and research for a book I am writing (Book of Revelation, the Final Frontier), I am discovering many correlations between money, the end-times and personal suffering. 

"I believe as you read this book, your experience will be much like ours – one of an encounter with the Lord. I have an utmost respect and reverence for the Biblical topic of money, stewardship and the end-times and I believe Dr. Phinney handles this topic with the care and guidance of the Lord. Today holds the greatest opportunity to discuss this matter and we have found that the principles he presents in this book will probably be the best investment you have made this year!" - Robert Cornelius  
Order You Copy Today

"From the evening I was saved, I began to live a new life, for the life of the eternal God had entered into me."  -Watchman Nee
Beginning in the sixteenth century, Protestant missionaries went to China for the Gospel, but in the opening years of the twentieth century, following years of faithful labor and prayer, the Lord's move in China began to advance dramatically after the martyrdom of many Christians in the Boxer Rebellion. In the 1920's, many believers, who were raised up by the Lord from among high school and college students throughout China, became instrumental in the spread of the Gospel. From among these students, Nee Shu-tsu (Watchman Nee) was called and equipped by the Lord for His work.  Read More:  Download Now  


When Moses began writing the Bible, it was in a language that was humanly impossible.  Every Hebrew letter is a sound and a picture, so the ancient Hebrew letters actually show the picture. Together, these pictures describe the meaning of Hebrew words in stunning detail.

Father, Mother, God, Repentance and Peace, along with hundreds more Hebrew words, are graphically described through the original 22 letters of Biblical Hebrew.   Order Now

How often have we said to ourselves, "God is in control" and then moments later pick up that "thing" we had just laid at our Lord's feet? After being in ministry all these years, I have clearly seen a difference between what the body of Christ says versus what we pronounce as Truth by our actions. The human mind is definitely the battlefield for Satan to war against us. He knows that in this field (which we call the mind, will, and emotions), mankind can be easily deceived. He also knows that one of man's greatest weaknesses is his own intellect, or lack of it. Certainly one of man's sinkholes is his own passion and desire to be in control of his own life. If we combine all these components together, we have a nasty battleground in which an indwelt Christian suffers in his ability to make an honest exchange within God's Holy sovereignty.  Read more: Download Now

Coining the Term: Exchanged Life
Taylor is known for having a historical impact on the movement that is known as The Exchanged Life.  This emphasis is placed on the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and communicate effectively the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension in their various spheres of influence.  Using terminology such as “Christ as Life,” Christ in you,” & “indwelling life of Christ.”  The term "Exchanged Life" is taken from the well-known passage in Isaiah 40:31. English translations refer to those who wait on or hope in the Lord as being able to "renew" their strength. All commentaries and study Bibles that deal with this verse note that the literal translation of the Hebrew word for "renew" is "exchange." Those who wait on the Lord will exchange their strength for His strength, as stated in verses 25-30.

The term "Exchanged Life" is directly related to the believer's discovery of a new identity in Christ. The believer is a new creation; one born of God. What was once true is no longer true. J. Hudson Taylor made the English term "Exchanged Life" popular through his testimony of how God made him a new man.   Download Now

TRUST NOBODY: The Trilogy of the Great Exchange                  Like many (if not most) Christians, I have suffered my own measurement of troubles – the type of troubles that bring heartache, physical challenges, and emotional ramifications.  The most difficult of all suffering has been the constant unmerciful criticizing from fellow Body members.  When fronted with a near terminal ailment, some Christians had the audacity to conclude that there must be some kind of sin in my life. They pushed and peddled the worldly thought that all suffering is always the result of sin; therefore, simplistically teaching that if I (we) simply repent of this “unknown sin,” that the momentary light affliction would somehow disappear.  Even though...  Read More: Download Now

The subject of aggressive spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil is becoming increasingly important. We live in a degrading society that makes fleshly things more accessible than ever before. Many, if not most, men are giving themselves to rampant abandonment and indulgence in fleshly sins. The enemy is pushing for conformity to his image through the power of media, unhealthy relationships and an overwhelming influx of opportunities to please ourselves. Satan and his demonic kingdom relentlessly press their battle against believers and all of God’s provisions of freedom.

The primary emphasis of this study and conference teachings by teacher Steve Phinney, is on practical spiritual instruction rather than theoretical exhortation. Christian men need to know how to fight a good fight. Men in our culture today are untrained in the most important battle of life – the battle for the soul. We will focus on the use of the objective, absolute truth of the Word of God, your sword, and not subjective or emotional experience. (6 CD Audio Set can be purchased separately)   Preview Now 


Sexual Temptations of Man - 12 Week Study
This study guide is designed for men only.  This study can be used as a private Bible study, independent of a group, although, this study is most effective in a small group environment.  As a counselor, I understand the difficulty for men to submit themselves to other men – particularly in a small group structure.  Due to this reality, I strongly suggest using this guide as tools to help yourself, as well as other men you know, gain the knowledge and freedom needed in Christ Jesus. 

The ideal way to complete this study is in a small group format.  Download Now 

WORLDVIEW IN REVIEW: Doctrinal Check-List

The following questionnaire is designed to assist Christians (those who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior) in leading church leaders through a series of doctrinal questions that help establish doctrinal clarity for both parties. The questionnaire is also laid out in such a way that a leader, or fellow Christian, can privately go through the list without using the interview format, although we recommend the “live interview” approach when testing a church leader. 

PowerPoint Notes
The women portrayed in the apocryphal literature of the Jews reveal all the varied characteristics of their sex so conspicuous in Old Testament history: devout goodness, ardent patriotism, poetic fervor, political intrigue, worldly ambition, and sometimes a strange combination of these contradictory moral qualities. No matter how fictitious, or rounded on fact, or historical, these portrayals are true to the feminine life of the women of the Bible.

This mini-study unfolds the key and critical characteristics of a Biblical woman according the the Hebrew culture, language and mandates. The booklet covers: woman's weaknesses, her strengths, Hebrew adjectives and characteristics, the deceptions she tends to believe, lies that bound her and the provisions God offers her to free her!  Download Now

BOOK OF PRAYERS - 80+ Doctrinal Prayers
We need a spiritual toolbox packed with the proper tools to accomplish the eternal project that God has set before us as Christians. This is the underlying purpose of the Book of Prayers – to provide practical, useful information, insights and scriptural prayers into waging war against the powers of darkness that seem to bind us as Christians. The world, the flesh, and the devil will be continuously defeated if we use the weapons of our warfare effectively. The Lord Jesus has provided all the tools we need. He has already secured our daily victory. The tools His Father gave Him to “fight off” the enemy are the same tools He has made available to us. But, it remains our responsibility to activate these weapons by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  Order Your Copy Today

As men, we need to understand and know the purpose of the activities we engage in. This purpose determines our effectiveness. The success of a chosen task depends on four components:

1) Knowing the target
2) Understanding our weaknesses in reaching the objective
3) Planning creative solutions and steps to meet the objective
4) Implementing the steps to “hit” the target

INTO THIN AIR - The Rapture Untamed
This will be the darkest hour of humanity and most likely for the history of the entire world – that is, if you are not saved.  The Word tells the true indwelt Christians that this hour will be our finest hour, that of the Second Coming of our Husband, Jesus Christ.  As all true believers understand, Jesus came the first time to bring peace and to reveal the graceful demeanor of our living God.  He also came the first time to prove Himself to be the Son of God – which is the first order of belief in order to be saved.  He did this by healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead, restoring the sight to the blind, giving hearing to the deaf, and demonstrating many other acts of God that permanently placed Him in continuous history.  Why?    Preview Now


Each of us is lead to the truth and desires to disciple others at various points in our Christian walk.  All come to the same gate – discovering the “how to” of leading others to Christ and growing that convert into a mature believer.  This certainly cannot happen until a true believer understands the various forms and means to their spiritual growth, while learning to embrace God’s calling upon their lives for obedience and victory. Read more...   Download Now

This is a 30-Day Study Guide designed to lead men back to the Biblical traditions of manhood. Our women, children, communities and nation need a few good men – husbands, fathers and leaders who are willing to lead according to the divine Word of Truth.

We are in the middle of a cultural battle that wages war against the male and female genders – boys being emasculated and our girls being made masculine. Whatever happened to the patriarchs of our day? Why are the women asserting more male dominance than our males? Why do men default to women in leading their families, homes and communities? These are just some of the questions that get answered in The Principled Patriarch.

Being a gentleman is the most perfect way of honoring God. When a man is respecting the guidelines of society, church and God, he is revealing the order of God.

The Principled Patriarch is not for “interested onlookers”! It is for the serious at heart – men who seek to find God’s solutions to man’s historical problems. This study is designed for small groups or individual private studies. The Principled Patriarch is guaranteed to challenge and refresh the soul of all men of intent.   Preview Now

The booklet covers the subject of aggressive spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil is becoming increasingly important.  We live in a degrading society that makes fleshly things more accessible than ever before.  Many, if not most, men are giving themselves to rampant abandonment and indulgence in fleshly sins.  The enemy is pushing for conformity to his image through the power of media, unhealthy relationships, and an overwhelming influx of opportunities to please ourselves.  Satan and his demonic kingdom relentlessly press their battle against believers and all of God’s provisions of freedom.   Download Now

Coming Soon!

Book & Workbook

 FAITHFUL FATHER: The Original Hebrew Family
Dr. Phinney’s next blog series, Faithful Father, is written for fathers, mothers, children, and all those interested in understanding the characteristics of God the Father.  By making use of the ancient Hebrew word pictures, Greek texts, and a splash of modern application, Faithful Father will explore the very heart of God.  Book version release date – fall of 2012.

THE LINCOLN LETTERS – Allegorical Letters of Freedom:   
Some of you might remember a series of blog articles that assisted in launching Steve’s online publishing success – The Lincoln Letters.  The series will soon be available in e-book.  These allegorical letters masterfully incorporate the use of Lincoln’s public and private statements, a taste of modern research, while respectfully integrating a solid Biblical worldview. 


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