Transformational Biblical
Worldview & Exchanged Life Development

What is the Exchanged Life Global Initiative Project?

The ministry of IOM has adopted the proposal of the Exchanged Life Global Initiative, which has provided the ministry with a proactive pro-vision, in order to revitalize the worldview of uniting Exchanged Life workers throughout the entire world. In addition to our existing strong partnerships - we welcome the partnerships other ministries that focus on the message of the Exchanged Life to join our efforts! 

Our efforts strongly hinge on the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life: an e-community that will provide Exchanged Life workers throughout the world with a single online community that will provide: promotions of member web sites, social networks throughout, a separate members’ Exchanged Life bookstore, chat room for members, class registration from member to member and much much more. 

IOM America is in the process of outsourcing plans to design, develop, and host IOM America’s two websites (IOM’s general site & International Fellowship of Exchanged Life (IFEL). In fact, "story board" meetings are being conducted in several states with Exchanged Life ministries that are backing the vision.  This will be a concept to completion production.
The existing IOM web site was originally designed and produced with the basic model and classic web site look but until our project is complete, our website is routed to Dr. Phinney’s blog spot, which is where you are reading this. We have been told that we are pushing the edges of Blog-spot and this site is not structurally sound enough to bear the weight of our Global Initiative.  So - we have a need to work quickly.  Here is a few details to our vision:

Purpose of New Websites

IOM currently has a web/blog presence that spans over 80 countries, translated in 50 languages and our e-service has close to 14,000 readers on a weekly basis - this does not count the 2,000+ views this Blog-site engages.  With this level of exposure, the IOM site welcomes a new appearance, structure, and content presentation. An opportunity exists to redesign the site, to better reflect the updated and revised mission of IOM, and incorporate the latest web technology. Upon completion of the site’s development, IOM will assume full responsibility for web site content, maintenance, and administration – unless the contract states otherwise. All content, coding, and graphics will become the sole property of IOM America.


Our team will create two flexible, informative web sites that are easy to maintain. We must develop two distinctive friendly sites that can deliver large amounts of constantly changing information to our targeted and key audiences. In addition to designing user-friendly sites with an intuitive interface, we must also develop a web-based, database-driven administration tool that allows key management personnel to easily update content, without directly accessing source code.

IOM will maintain ultimate editorial control of content, without burdening the hosting or maintenance company with such details or significantly delaying the publishing of new information on the sites. It is our objective to train our volunteers and staff with the basic administration to the site.  The design and hosting company will efficiently manage web publishing processes, preferably by using a system with a browser-based user interface – if possible. Administration of web content will be based on the roles to control access and work flow (e.g. author, reviewer/editor, and publisher).  Click here if you can help us accomplish this.

To be effective, our web sites must be:

1.    Easy and intuitive
2.    Visually pleasing
3.    Informative
4.    Safe and secure
5.    Quick to load and operate


Our primary internet objective is to continue to build brand identity, awareness, and interest in the organization and the services it provides, while remaining on the cutting edge of web site technology.
These two web sites are to provide a schematic overview of a possible systematic process that will assist in advancing the vision and mission of IOM, particularly that of the Exchanged Life Global Initiative.

Pragmatic Objective for Web Sites

  1. Reaching the Church (The Body/Bride of Christ) with a vision for co-crucifixion and the power of the cross, followed by the available materials and methods of implementations.
  2. Broad outreach by making use of up-to-date technology and marketing venues.
  3. Mapping out national and international strategies by regions, countries, and sites/zones or states.
  4. As system of structure needs to be implemented that will unite Exchanged Life workers from all over the world – giving them an e-community flexible enough to work and partner with other workers of the cross.
  5. Developing an operational model to simplify the complexity of materials in a progressive fashion.

Our Suggested Solutions

·         To assist the local church in equipping their people in Exchanged Life Discipleship.
·         Link/network pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders who practice the Exchanged Life.

Our Online Vision

·         Maximize web-based technologies (social media, bookstores, etc.)
·         Build member loyalty and enhance customer relationships
·         Improve program delivery and service
·         Outsource & partnership with an Exchanged Life online school
·         Revise existing general ministry web site
·         Provide focused web-based solutions
·         Leverage internet traffic for potential donor base
·         Increase and broaden X-Changed Life market share

Specific Strategies

  •  Increase awareness of IOM mission and promote involvement through online programs, which will enhance activity in individual field productivity
  • Retain current members and program participants and gain new ones
  • Strengthen relationships with the Church at large, community partners, donors, members, program participants, staff, and volunteers
  • Attract qualified and diverse volunteers and potential staff members
  • Improve nonprofit business efficiencies

Web Development – Summary Initiatives

  1. Present comprehensive information and resources in an easy-to-use format
  2. Increase site promotion activities
  3. Integrate brand messaging – provided by IOM Corporate
  4. Deliver a consistent image and branding throughout
  5. Deliver a scalable, maintainable foundation

In short, we must tell our story through the use of compelling visuals, intuitive navigation, and concise messaging.

Global Initiative Made Easy

Design both web sites to deliver intuitive navigation, an improved graphic user interface, and easy-to-find content organization.

Make It Compelling

Develop tools to deliver timely, relevant answers to the breadth and depth of the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life (IFEL) member questions and requests, as well as those who are reaching out for training or help.

Made to Promote Decisions

Reinforce IOM’s brand and market leadership, as well as giving the IFEL member and onlooker incentive to take action.

International Fellowship of Exchanged Life (IFEL) Web Site
  • Separate web site
  • Social networks throughout
  • A separate members’ Exchanged Life bookstore
  • Chat room for members
  • Class registration from member to member
  • Membership ad section
  • Multimedia library (selective GodTube, YouTube,, etc.)
  • Member Directory
  • Home page “Featured Article” section
  • Favorite links section (IOM sponsored)
  • Ability for IFEL visitors to give to membership
  • Volunteer recruitment center/form
  • Writers’ Forum Center (page dedicated to Exchanged Life writers)
  • Sign up for Exchanged Life E-service (IOM’s Constant Contact)
  • Blog listings of all members
  • Web site listings of all members
  • Names, addresses (without street and zip codes) for all members
  • E-mail contact for all members
  • Phone contact for all members
  • Company name for all contacts
  • Registration for all members’ newsletters
  • Registration for IFEL monthly newsletter

IFEL Regional Features

  1. Branch locator feature (by zip code and country search)
  2. Gather e-mail, areas of interest, and demographic information from visitors in a format that permits
  3. IOM to maintain a single database of users.  E-mail each visitor according to his/her area of interest and profile. Provide training and all necessary support to permit easy use by a selected IOM staff person or volunteer.
  4. Connection to international membership registration program
  5. Regional Project Management – An assigned project manager will be made available to present information and coordinate with IOM staff, including a reasonable number of meetings to present design and development solutions.
  6. Task/Project Management online capacity
  7. Online Scheduling capacity – national and international blocks
  8. Once the web site has been completed and accepted by IOM, the web site design and all of its contents, software, and architecture become property of Grace Fellowship Intl.

Additional Ports
  • Ports on every page to the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life
  • Ports on every page to School of Solomon
  • Reservations for courts and appointments
  • Ability to pay for programs and memberships online
  • Registration for IFEL and IOM’s (“Glimpses of Grace”) newsletters
  • Registration for Counseling/Discipleship
  • Volunteer opportunities and applications
  • Ability to interact with Grace Fellowship Intl. personnel
  • Employment opportunities
  • Maps and directions
  • History of each department at IOM
  Click here if you can help us accomplish this.