Christians Taking Over World Government?

By Stephen Phinney & Brandon Howse

Phinney:  Many Biblical worldview teachers are encountering more and more Dominion theology believers.  Dominionist are also called Reconstructionist, the Kingdom Now People and Replacement Theologists.  Domionism is rooted in the unfortunate belief that Christians will take over the world in order to build the new Jerusalem.  They believe that in order for Christ to return,  the Christians must

take over global government and establish a New Jerusalem.  Dominionist have been around for centuries.  In America, their movement finds its roots in many of our Masonic forefathers.  Most of our early forefathers believed that Washington DC was to be the land in this New World to develop their New World Order.  True Masons still believe this.  Needless to say, because the Masons are proactive in our local churches, the Emergent church has adopted these beliefs, therefore we have a new revival, of sorts, fueling the fire of Dominionism.

Brannon:  A man we will call "Mr. D" wrote an article this week attacking me. I was not going to respond because I believe he is only seeking exposure and by writing about him, I am playing into his hand. However, someone on my social network page wanted my response and so here goes.

From what I understand, Mr. D does not believe in the rapture of the church and holds to the belief that Christians will take over the world and have full dominion. As silly as these beliefs are, I do not write articles attacking him, making fun of him or ridiculing him. "Mr. D" is free to have his end time belief and he is free to attack those that disagree with him. Unfortunately, this man has come to be known, by many of my friends, as a man that shows very little Christian love and encouragement to those of us that are preaching a solid Gospel, warning about the Emergent Church, and proclaiming Biblical evangelism.

Why would "Mr. D" want to spend his time attacking people that believe in the rapture of the church or that do not see dominion theology in the Scriptures? "Mr. D" is straining at gnats and swallowing camels. Brannon Howse, Jan Markell, John McTernan, Bill Salhus, Dave Hunt, Tom Ice, David Reagan, Joel Rosenberg, and the other individuals "Mr. D" trashes are neither the enemy nor the problem with America or the American church.

"Mr. D" would do well to spend more time equipping people to recognize and oppose those that are preaching a false gospel and a false Jesus and spend less time attack those of us that are laboring in the fields. I have not seen "Mr. D" at one of our conferences in years so he has no clue what we present to adults or students despite his claim.

We had dozens of young people at our Worldview Weekend Rally this past Sunday night. In fact, the entire front row was filled with teenagers. The message I gave to them was to be aware of false teachers. I also spoke on the philosophies contending for hearts and minds. We looked at over 25 passages of Scripture. Does "Mr. D" have a problem with that? I challenged both adults and students to keep the faith and proclaim the faith as 72% of students that are between the ages 18 to 29, now call themselves spiritual but not religious. According to the Denver Post, June 2008, pagan spirituality is doubling in America every 18 months. "Mr. D" is offended that I am warning the church about this and equipping students and adults to respond for the sake of their family and friends that are being spiritually deceived? "Mr. D" thinks my focus on the rise of false teaching makes my message one of doom and gloom? I guess "Mr. D" would have to say that of Jesus as well since Jesus spoke about false teachers in Matthew 7 and Matthew 24.

The most loving and hopeful thing we can do is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage adults and students to do the same. Whether the rapture occurs next year or 100 years from now; the calling is the same-preach the Gospel in season and out of season and contend for the faith.

Despite "Mr. D's"claim, I spend very little time talking about the rapture. In fact, I have made it clear that I believe the church in America may have to go through some very deep waters, as have our Christian brothers and sisters in China, and that we cannot count on the rapture to occur before we go through some very difficult days.

Why does it make "Mr. D" so angry that I believe we are living in the last days and that the deception by false teachers that Jesus Himself spoke of as a sign of the last days can be clearly seen? Anyone with Biblical discernment knows this to be true.

Perhaps "Mr. D" should read the signs given by Jesus-such as those that scoff at the idea of the last days and the eventual rapture.

"Mr. D" says I need to decide whether I am in the rapture rescue business or dominion business. The fact that he does not know what my clearly stated and daily proclaimed objective and calling in life is reveals he does not listen to my program and that he has not read my most recent book Grave Influence. Yet, he thinks himself qualified to trash me because I do not want to work for a theocratic government that has dominion over America and the world? Good luck Gary, you keep working at that dominion thing, I however am going to work on fulfilling the Great Commission by making disciples that defend and proclaim Biblical truth whether America turns back to God or whether God judges America. That is a winning and Biblical strategy despite his opinion.

My main goal is to prepare all Christians to be leaders of the remnant so that they can equip, encourage, and add to the Bride of Christ even in the face of growing persecution. Even "Mr. D" would have to admit the persecution of Christians in America and around the world is getting much worse and spiritual deception is greatly increasing.

I wonder if he would have been writing articles against Dietrich Bonheoffer and Martin Niemoller for starting the Confessing Church in Germany if he were alive then. It is very sad, and someone suspect, that "Mr. D" wants to degrade me because I simply want to warn the church about spiritual deception and train, equip, and encourage students and adults to do the same. No true Christian should criticize another Christian for wanting to challenge and equip God's people to stand firm for Biblical truth in the face of growing apostasy and persecution.

"Mr. D's" organization is all about the rebuilding of America; I think that says it all don't you? The problem with most American Christians today is they have an Americanized Christianity and not a Biblical Christianity. I highly doubt the millions of persecuted Christians in China today are interested in our American view of Christianity and I am certain most of them have the hope and longing of the soon return of Jesus Christ. Persecution has a way of causing true Christians to long for heaven. After all "Mr. D", the book of First John says that having an eagerness and yearning for the return of the Lord is one of the signs of a true convert.