Please Pray for Our New Grand-baby!

By Steve Phinney

Was there ever a time in your Christian life where you really could say that you were righteous in most of your ways, while at the same time experiencing little affliction?  I have many fond memories of those days.  Then came God’s permissible affliction.  Even though I have wrestled with the “theology” of the purpose of “bad things happening to good people,” I understand in my older years that Satan is the force behind all the calamities that come upon us.  Keep in mind that I didn’t say “reason,” but the “force.”  Personally, I believe this is one of THE most important elements for Christians to understand and believe.

On September 15th at 10:40 am, Montana Faith Ford was born.  What a precious little one she is.  She looks just like her daddy, although I can see some traces of her Opa. :-) As the room filled with anticipation and joy as God was bringing this little lady into our lives, the look of concern soon shadowed the faces of the medical workers.  All seemed to be going well until her little lungs started laboring for air.  With some quick responses from the medical team, it appeared she was stabilizing but as time passed, deeper concerns formed.  Just a couple of hours ago, we were notified that they were going to place Montana in ICU for at least a week.  The only thing we are being told at this point in time is that mommy and baby have some type of bacteria.  Without trying to speculate, we are all choosing to rest and wait.

Please pray for all but particularly for Libby and baby Montana.  We are all worried sick over this but there is no pain like a mother's pain.  Libby is going to need the prayerful support of all of her loved ones (you) like never before.  That brings me to my second major request - that of Jane.  Her mother's heart is being burdened beyond all measures.  I am constantly weepy over just watching her.  This woman carries the pain of her babies like most moms - like a ton of bricks.  And now to watch her baby carry the same pain for her baby.  God, when is enough - enough?!

Have you ever had rapid succession of affliction to the point of not being able to catch your breath between afflictions?  I know that this is a classic technique used by the enemy.  It is a way of wearing us down to the point of cursing something or someone.   Please pray that this situation would be embraced as an opportunity of watching God, one more time, show his victorious glory.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for those who choose to pray - bless you.  God is a God of faithful affliction AND deliverance.

We will keep you posted!  For more pictures of Montana and her family, click here.