By Stephen Phinney

Recently, I was reading some up-to-date research on the price our nation has had to pay for the mothers of our children working outside the home.  The results were alarming, to say the least.  The reason why Hillary Clinton said that she wrote the book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” is because there are few mothers at home to raise a child. This is quite a confession from a working mother. 

I wish I could say that the reason mothers want to work outside of the home is because they are forced to, by our present state of a fatherless society. But the truth being said, this is not the number one surveyed reason.  The primary reason stated was that the men won’t work outside of the home.  I must admit, this is one of those times I will have to agree with a worldly statistic.  It is proven there are more men in the unemployment line than women.  It is also a fact that men tend to be lazier, dishonest in the work place, and default to women to take care of them like nursing mothers.  It was also stated that men tend to work for the weekends, to take a vacation, or to simply purchase that next toy.  Women, on the other hand, tend to work to pay the bills.  The result of our men not growing up and putting their toys in the closet has turned our society into a feminized dominant workplace. 

The ramifications of a mother working outside the home are significant.  I would like to share with you the top 10 ramifications that I have seen.   

ONE - SHE LIVES IN VIOLATION TO SCRIPTURE:  Certainly one of the most popular and less quoted verses on the topic is Titus 2:4-5: so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored” (Titus 2:4-5, NASB, bold emphasis mine).   

The Lord designed women to be workers of the home and this is no small task.  Since the home is the center of the nation, not having a mother there to tend to it throws the whole of the nation off balance.  Timothy, Paul’s spiritual son, said this about even widowed mothers: Therefore, I want younger widows to get married, bear children, keep house, and give the enemy no occasion for reproach” (1 Timothy 5:14, NASB, emphasis mine).  The portion of the Scripture that screams out a warning to me is “give the enemy no occasion for reproach.”  If we were to give the enemy a reproach in this matter, he would have to get the women outside of the home.  He, if anyone, knows that in order to drop the nation, you must send the mother bear away from her cubs.  If the mother bear is away, the government is sure to play – the role of the mother that is. God has warned us many times that when a woman is not in the home, she become boisterous and full of rebellion.  

“She is boisterous and rebellious, her feet do not remain at home (Proverbs 7:11, NASB, emphasis mine). 

TWO – HER CHILDREN RUN WILD:  Let’s face it; no one can take the place of a mother – not even a village.  This adage of her going to work, making the bacon, and frying it up in the pan is a sarcastic spoof on God’s mandates, not to mention an insult to men.  Children not only need their mother, they want her – 24/7.  God has placed it within all children to run to their mothers for comfort, nurturing, and application of spiritual growth.  When she is not there, the child is forced to be his own god.  That is exactly what has happened.  We have a world full of self-centered cotton-topped godheads running wild like beasts.
THREE – SHE ONLY ACTS FULFILLED:  Faking it until you make it is one of the truest statements for working mothers.  They might act like they have it all together and don’t mind NOT being with their nursing babes – but the fact is, they are torn up inside.  If they aren’t, they are more like the enemy than they realize.  God designed all of us to discover the trinity of our personal identities - spiritual, relational, and physical.  The only true and fair way a woman can discover her full identity in Christ is to discover and walk in the purpose for which she was put on this earth.  I will get “hate mail” on this one, but it is true. 
Scripture clearly marks the pathway for woman to be the “helpmate” to her husband and if not married, to her father (Gen. 2:18).  Now there is a popular passage, not!  When women try to act like men and men try to act like women, the children turn gay.  Why is the gay society the fastest growing movement in the world today?  It is due to the fact that men and women have completely swapped roles.  Because of this, God is about to turn the world on its ears.
FOUR – SHE MAKES A TRAINWRECK OUT OF HER MARRIAGE:  Men are feeble without their women.  We are not designed to be alone; in fact, we can’t function without a wife or mother unless God grants us special skills to do so.  I personally believe the reason why most men go outside the home to gain female affection is because he cannot find it at home.  I understand this is not a catchall, but it certainly is one of the main contributors to this moral dilemma.
The love of God between a husband and wife is perfected when they realize just how much they not only need each other, but need each to function in their God-given role.  When marriage partners act or function like they don’t need each other, they are covertly communicating to God that they do not need Him.  When the woman of the house thinks she does not need her husband or children, sooner or later, she transfers her loyalty and love to those outside the home. 
FIVE – TRANSFERRING AFFECTIONS TO OTHERS:  Did you know that when a woman works for a man, husband or not, she demonstrates emotions of affection, loyalty, and service?  It could be stated that she naturally functions as a wife or daughter to the man.  When she is at work, it is her responsibility to please her employer and fulfill the desires of his heart – work that is.  She is to honor, submit, and quickly respond to her authorities.  Needless to say, the bulk of women in the workplace are not like this when they come home to their husbands.  The reason stated is, “They pay me to honor, submit, and obey – you don’t.” Well, that confession proves its own point.  It’s all about the “almighty buck.” 
Did you know that over 90% of the adulteress affairs that take place are introduced in the marketplace?  This might be the reason.  Women are designed to work for their husbands and fathers.  The same rule goes for men; ideally, they should not hire women as their assistants unless they are blood or adoptive family members.  Women are naturally going to compare woman to woman and man to another man.  If her boss is “nicer” than her husband, particularly to her, then affection issues will multiply.
Next posting, we will unfold the remaining five “price tags” of women working outside the home.  I know this topic is offensive and many women feel forced to work due to circumstances, but she at least can be taught what to teach to her grandchildren.